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Education Linkage Scholarship Program
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Scholarship Guidelines for 2023-2024

Plano North Metroplex(TX) Chapter, The Links, Incorporated

 The Plano North Metroplex(TX) Chapter, The Links, Incorporated Scholarship is open to:  Graduating High School Seniors planning to enroll in an institution of higher learning in the Fall of 2024, and Continuing College Undergraduates.


Scholarship is restricted to:    Applicants residing in Collin County and the cities of Garland and Richardson


Application Opening:              January 11, 2024

Application Deadline:             March 17, 2024


Minimum GPA:                         2.7 Cumulative Grade Point Average on a 4.0 scale


Application Requirements:   

  • Completed Application typed using Times New Roman font size 12

  • Academic Letter of Reference

  • Community Letter of Reference

  • Acceptance Letter or Proof of Enrollment from College or University

  • “Unofficial” High School, College or University  Transcript

  • A headshot photo (the photo will not be returned)

  • Essay - 500 words double spaced using Times New Roman font size 12 incorporating well-organized

           paragraphs, clear and varied sentences, appropriate word choice, and careful editing and


  • All required documents listed on the Application Requirements must be scanned together and uploaded; also, all required documents must be complete and uploaded documents by the application deadline.  If the scanned document is not complete, the scholarship application will not be accepted or considered; no exceptions granted

Essay Topic: Discuss  three ways the scholarship will assist you in making a positive impact in your community based on the major you plan to pursue.

Scholarship Award:  $5,000

Scholarship Renewal:  Up to two (2) years, students who have received PNMC Scholarships must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA and apply each year with an updated application to be considered for an award.


Scholarship Distribution:  Awards are to be used for tuition, books, and other educational related expenses.

Children of members of PNMC or members of any chapter of The Links, Incorporated who reside within the PNMC service area are not eligible to apply for scholarships.


For more information regarding our Education Linkage Scholarship Program, please contact Hazel Carlos, Education Linkage Scholarship Chair at ​


Please use the button below to complete the scholarship application form, and upload all required scanned documents below to “Upload Required Documents”


Links Plano North Metroplex Scholarship Application

Completed application must be electronically submitted on or before March 17, 2024 at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time. 


Upload All Required Documents: (all required documents must be scanned together in one file and uploaded.)



Tips- How to Prepare Your Scholarship Application

  1. If possible, allow yourself 3-4 weeks to complete your scholarship application.

  2. Next, read the qualifications and requirements necessary to be eligible to apply for the scholarship.        

  3. After reading the scholarship qualifications and requirements, make a list of  all the items you will need to submit with your scholarship application.  This will include:

  • Completed Scholarship Application Form

  • Letter of academic reference – Ask your teacher, advisor or counselor at least three weeks in advance and give the person a two-week deadline.

  • Letter of community reference – Ask your minister, scout leader or volunteer director at least three weeks in advance and give the person a two-week deadline.

  • Acceptance letter with proof of enrollment from college or university

  • Unofficial high school transcript – Request your transcript three weeks in advance, and check on its status each week until you receive it.

  • Proof of enrollment at a college or university

  • Headshot photo – Select a photo such as a formal senior class portrait

  • Proof of enrollment in a college or university

  ​4. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the     webpage and click the box titled “Click Here” to   access the scholarship application form.


5. Review the scholarship form closely, making certain that you understand all instructions.

6. Answer each of the questions on the scholarship application form by typing your response in Times New Roman font size 12.

7. After you have answered each question on the scholarship form, review the form at least three times, checking typos, spelling, or omissions. 

8. After you review your application three times, ask a parent or counselor to review it a final time.

9. Make any necessary corrections on the scholarship application form immediately.

10. After one week of requesting letters, check back with the persons you have asked to write your letter of academic reference and your letter of community reference to discover whether they have completed your letters of recommendation.

11. Once you receive a copy of your acceptance letter or proof of enrollment from college or university, print a copy of it and place it aside to be included with your scholarship application.

  • Two or three weeks prior to submitting your scholarship application, request an “unofficial” high school, college, or university sealed transcript from the admissions office at your high school. When you receive it, place it aside to be included with your scholarship application.

  • Include a headshot photo.

  • In Times New Roman font size 12, write an essay that responds to the prompt provided in the packet. 

  • Revise, edit and proofread your essay.  Essay – 500 words double spaced using Times New Roman font size 12

  • Before writing your essay, read the prompt closely to determine exactly what you are asked to write about.

  • Remember that the structure of the prompt helps you to decide how to organize your essay.

  • Write a brainstorming draft initially, followed by a more organized draft that focuses on your audience.

  • Revise

  • Edit

  • Proofread

  • Take your essay to the writing center or your English teacher for review.

  • Revise one final time, based on the feedback you receive.

12. Scan each of the required documents into a single file

  • Completed scholarship application

  • Proof of enrollment at a college or university

  • “Unofficial” high school, college, or university  sealed transcript

  • Headshot photo attached to application

  • Scholarship application

  • Letter of academic reference

  • Letter of community reference

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